Sunday, August 31, 2008

about the morning after... Eheads!

Char and I watched the Eraserheads one-night only Reunion concert last night. Sayang di kme umabot sa VIP list ni Markus sa Multiply pero sabi nga ni Char "libre man o hindi MANONOOD tayo!" They're his favorite band and he will not miss the opportunity to see them play again LIVE!

We were in Bonifacio High Street around 5pm, parked super near the concert venue. Ate early dinner and was inside the venue by 630. Went as close to the railings. First time I saw so many bouncers, as in big muscular bouncers, somewhat scary at times. More than an hour and a half wait before the concert began. Around 815 there was a ten minute countdown, one of the most exciting ten minutes of my life! Akala mo New Year. Intro pa lang ng Alapaap everyone have gone wild! Ely, Raimund, Buddy and Markus rose from underneath the stage. Parang reincarnation. First song was capped with fireworks, super galing! Ely even joked, that's it! Goodnyt! ehehe... then Ligaya.. Sembreak...

It was visually and musically entertaining, most of the songs were "updated/rearranged" but done beautifully. Pictures of the band was projected to the big screen making it more nostalgic. It was so surreal. The succeeding songs feels like you're in a big karaoke bar, everybody was singing. There was even a time na audience lang ang kumakanta, Ely just stood staring at the crowd obviously amazed.

Though full of energy lahat, feel mo yung tension between them. Walang kwento kwento. Kanta lang ng kanta. Walang pang fill in kung baga. But if you know the band well, alam mong ganun nga sila mag perform but still kakaiba eh. There was a time Markus wore a monster mask. La lang, trip lang. Heard 2 songs I am not that familiar with(Kaliwete and LIghtyears). After the last song, Lightyears, we saw an emotional Ely somewhat crouched in the stage and holding his chest. We thought he was just emotional with her Mom passing last thursday because the song indeed was about letting go. end of set 1...

Then after 40 minutes, came the announcement. Char and I did not believed it at first. Joke ba yun? He thought hindi sila Markus, Buddy and Raimund yung nasa stage, that it was a gimik. Then came Francis Lumen of MTV Philippines, and yes it was for real, we gave a silent prayer for Ely that night, all 30,000 of us.
Though it's hard to accept that the concert is indeed over, (the announcer have to remind us to go out of the concert venue in an orderly manner more than 3 times). We silently left the concert grounds.

Hats off din ako sa crowd, they have the emotional maturity to fully understand what happened. We truly understand. This was a concert that was supposed to be canceled not just once. Ely's position was really a though act, physically and emotionally. If my Mom died a few days before I will surely be so drained now.

We heard that it was supposed to be a 3 set concert with 30 songs. Sayang we were not able to hear "Huling El Bimbo", "Magazin", "Pare ko" and the rest but the experience itself was so surreal. Thank God Ely is in stable condition now. And when the time come... another reunion will be in place... this time the full set pls.

photo courtesy of Nina Sandejas

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