Sunday, September 30, 2007

about cafe juanita

last night i organized a casual dinner for my good friends Ron & Fe, who are getting married this thursday at Cafe Juanita. Char was impressed with the place, reminiscing about their old house in the province... the capiz, antiques and cabinets, and so was all who came to dinner; most of them lives within the area but did not know that such a nice quaint sophisticated place exists as they just passed by it everyday.

it was nice that I was able to reserve the second floor for our dinner, looks like we were in the dining room of a rich lola relative, we had the place by ourselves. food was great! we had the twice-cooked adobo ribs, kare-kare, soy chicken, bagnet salad, corned beef sinigang (better than Sentro's) and laing. the other table had pasta and sisig, we had to order ahead as they came late(almost 9, we were there @7).

what's best was the company that we had that night, from the ever soft-spoken Ayick(bro of Fe) to ever comic Tata(sis of Ron), don't forget Erwin with his funny interpretation of Master Yoda. It was Ron & Fe's night to hang out with family and friends and we surely had fun.

about self control

i have nothing against self control but if you ended up hurting yourself... that's another story.

that's what happened to Char yesterday, an early morning outrage concerning his nephew. after a series of not so good events came another. he doesn't want to hurt his nephew so he ended up punching our wall which resulted to his swollen hands and blisters (I didn't know that he can throw a punch like that! >.<). this was the first time I saw him really fuming mad. which reminds me that i need to talk to his nephew while he's out of town... hope things will be better when he comes back.

Monday, September 10, 2007

about the song on replay button

my song for the week: i heard it first from one of my high school friends... it was kinda "their song"... she doesn't want me to use it nga nung wedding ko but she also did not use it during her own wedding. the song relaxes me... i also saw the video in YouTube... i'll be putting this on our Ipod... on replay...

Kissing by Bliss

The red light of the sun, slowly descending.
The sky is all I see, it's never ending.

We could fly, you and I.
On a cloud, kissing, kissing.

The wind plays with the leaves,the weather turns colder.
But as long as we believe, love doesn't get older.

We could fly, you and I.
On a cloud, kissing, kissing.

On a journey of the heart, there's so much to see.
And when the sky is dark, you'll be right here, right here with me.

Right here with me.
Kissing. (Kissing, kissing)(A journey of the heart)

about a year ago

oh well... i'm back... after almost a year in hibernation(blogwise) i decided to give this another chance...

so what happened during the last year? hmmm... lemme think... lots... i'll update some other time...

last week i was in high spirits.. extremely high spirit that is... i thought our plans are finally coming thru but NO... by the end of the week i feel slumped, tired and sad. so many i should have and if's... it's plainly frustrating... i feel like crying... i felt like a child promised to go to Disneyland but the promise got broken... sana delayed flight lang...

then today i got a call from a friend... chika update... she was called back to work last may, though we had a talk before that we will never go back... she still accepted the offer and now she hates it again... oh well i guess i'm really "ma-pride" and never as in never will i go back... don't get me wrong but i'm happy for her she's one of my closest friend back when i was still working... more of a confidant... about another friend: her dad passed away last july(God bless his soul). it was a short chika coz she was still on her way home but still a welcomed chika.

more updates soon..