Monday, September 10, 2007

about a year ago

oh well... i'm back... after almost a year in hibernation(blogwise) i decided to give this another chance...

so what happened during the last year? hmmm... lemme think... lots... i'll update some other time...

last week i was in high spirits.. extremely high spirit that is... i thought our plans are finally coming thru but NO... by the end of the week i feel slumped, tired and sad. so many i should have and if's... it's plainly frustrating... i feel like crying... i felt like a child promised to go to Disneyland but the promise got broken... sana delayed flight lang...

then today i got a call from a friend... chika update... she was called back to work last may, though we had a talk before that we will never go back... she still accepted the offer and now she hates it again... oh well i guess i'm really "ma-pride" and never as in never will i go back... don't get me wrong but i'm happy for her she's one of my closest friend back when i was still working... more of a confidant... about another friend: her dad passed away last july(God bless his soul). it was a short chika coz she was still on her way home but still a welcomed chika.

more updates soon..

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