Sunday, September 30, 2007

about cafe juanita

last night i organized a casual dinner for my good friends Ron & Fe, who are getting married this thursday at Cafe Juanita. Char was impressed with the place, reminiscing about their old house in the province... the capiz, antiques and cabinets, and so was all who came to dinner; most of them lives within the area but did not know that such a nice quaint sophisticated place exists as they just passed by it everyday.

it was nice that I was able to reserve the second floor for our dinner, looks like we were in the dining room of a rich lola relative, we had the place by ourselves. food was great! we had the twice-cooked adobo ribs, kare-kare, soy chicken, bagnet salad, corned beef sinigang (better than Sentro's) and laing. the other table had pasta and sisig, we had to order ahead as they came late(almost 9, we were there @7).

what's best was the company that we had that night, from the ever soft-spoken Ayick(bro of Fe) to ever comic Tata(sis of Ron), don't forget Erwin with his funny interpretation of Master Yoda. It was Ron & Fe's night to hang out with family and friends and we surely had fun.

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