Wednesday, July 23, 2008

about a year ago... part 2

same title... different year...

seems like I only get to update this blog EVERY year, "tamadster" me (as Chartotem would say).

BUT now, I will make sure to update this at least a month.. hah! so what happened the last few months? let me borrow Hermione's time-turner...

Oct 2007

wedding month of my college best friend Fe (codename: orange) and Ron. I love this couple so much. not your typical BF-GF, you will rarely see them making PDA. first time I saw them kiss and hug was on their wedding day! I can absolutely tell everything to Orange, so many good college memories... the Dawn.. Side A... DLSU-Ateneo games... and of course I won't forget the numerous food trips! love you Fe and Ron! see you in a few weeks... we are going to watch Cinderella... time to expose Chartotem to some culture... hahaha...

Nov 2007

gameshark.. gamesharkreloaded... charraven... Chartotem and I bought this small computer shop in Anonas. and that my what kept me busy these days plus other sidelines (another post). This is like a step up to our goal, since we both like online games and computers in general why not go into business of internet cafes? no more reason not to play WoW and MU and flyff and... ahaha... funny thing is I haven't been playing that much since we started our biz but the good news is that our electric bill at home drastically went down.

had so much fun as went to that Carnival near MOA with the whole family (+1-1 reserved for another post) for Nanay's Birthday. been so long since that last time we've seen each other, missed the kids so much... mas malaki pa sa akin si Kiel and Annel!

this was also the month my Tita Gaya had her 2nd stroke...

Dec 2007

07Dec07, our dear Tita Ligaya Alonzo died after almost a week in coma. sad day for the Rosales clan, Tita Gaya is the sweetest Tita. She saw me grew up as we used to live in the same house before moving to Laguna... she took care of me during my high school days when I had to stay in Manila due to late night classes... she was there at every important event in my life... my graduation... fiesta/family bdays in laguna... Char's family "pamamanhikan"... our wedding... etc... she also took good care of Mai, as she was her own child... she became their "bunso" and "unica ihja"... Love you Tita... Happy Birthday!(it's her Bday today 23Jul)

this was also the wedding month of Debbie & Ferdie, though I wasn't able to help them on the day itself I helped them through the wedding preps. they are now back in the US, though not same state, trying to make babies :D ... Debs and I are hoping to have little ones by next year!

70th Bday of Lolo Papa... Chartotem's Dad. semi-organized the event since it was held in the province. proud of the invites and tarp that I made... hehehe (love your own)... spent Christmas in Lopez... cooked roasted chicken and mashed potatoes (yum!).... New Year's Eve in Laguna... cooked roasted chicken(again!), roast pork (yum yum!), potato salad and brownies.

kinda sleepy now... to be continued...

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